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What are board game inserts?

Insert is a storage solution that helps to organize all game components inside the box. Customized inserts allow to fit core game and all expansions in one box and save storage place. They also speed-up game setup and clean up as it is easy to find needed elements/tokens.

Our inserts are made for self-assembly and require using wood glue - we recommend using wood glue available in our shop.

About the shop

We are a small company making board game inserts. We focus on optimal storage of game’s elements and pay attention to details. Inserts are made of high-quality materials.
Our inserts are available in two material variants - birch plywood or HDF hardboard.

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How to order our inserts outside Poland?

First - make sure our insert will fit in to your game box. You can find our insert dimensions in the product description.
Next you can contact us via e-mail or Facebook and we will calculate shipping cost to your country.
Payment for order can be done via PayPal or bank transfer.

You can also buy our products in the following stores:

redrewno inserts can also be bought at
redrewno inserts can also be bought at

How can I pay for the ordered products?

You can pay either by PayPal (we'll send you a payment request) or by bank transfer.

Payment by bank transfer:

IBAN (International Bank Account Number): PL 51 1140 2004 0000 3902 4961 4051

Contact us

If you are interested in our products, please contact us:

    • e-mail –
    • Facebook -
ul. Przewóz 34
30-716 Kraków

VAT EU PL6842046000

Assembly instructions

Insert compatible with 51 Master State (00_51SMS_EN_out.pdf)
Insert compatible with Ark Nova (00_ARK_NOVA_P_EN_out.pdf)
Insert compatible with Empires of the North (00_Empires_of_the_North_EN_out.pdf)
Insert compatible with Imperial Settlers (00_Imperial_Settlers_EN_out.pdf)
Insert compatible with King of Tokio (00_King_of_Tokio_ALL_EN_out.pdf)
Insert compatible with Neuroshima HEX.pdf (00_NEUROSHIMA_HEX_EN_out.pdf)
Insert compatible with Golem (00_Golem_EN_out.pdf)
Insert compatible with Food Chain Magnate (00_FCM_ALL_IN_EN_out.pdf)
Insert compatible with Barrage (00_Barrage_EN_out.pdf)